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Our Team

S.W.E.T. boasts a staff of highly experienced, competent and friendly fitness professionals. Check us out:

Vida Sanchez



Vida is a Lincoln native and has many years of personal training experience under her belt. After relocating to California where she worked with a very successful personal training company ( Psychofitness.com)  she has returned to Lincoln to share her experience with you! Her training background is very diverse including fitness training, strength training, professional bodybuilding, boxing and ultimate fighting with her own personal experience in bodybuilding, fitness modeling and film stunt work. Let her wealth of knowledge and experience work to transform you!

Jevon T. Woods Sr.


Head Strength/Mass Trainer at S.W.E.T. Zone


Jevon is a Lincoln High graduate, he has always been active in sports.  His active participation in athletics through college, has led to his current active lifestyle.  Jevon has helped several men and women reach their goals.  His dedication to his clients is reflected in their success.  He strives to be an example of healthy living, in and out of the gym.

Deb Remmers


Head Endurance Trainer at S.W.E.T. Zone



Contact Us

S.W.E.T. Zone

501 West A St. Suite 105

Lincoln, NE 68522


Phone: 402.476.0195

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Hours of Operation for Group workouts:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 5am-6am, 9am-11am, 3:00pm -6:30pm

Tues, Thurs : 3:30pm- 6:30pm

Saturdays: 7am - 11:00am

Sundays: Day of Relaxation!


Group workouts last 1 hour, the last group workout start time is 6:30pm ending at 7:30pm. 

Personal training times vary depending on trainer availability.


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